Mastering Holiday Shipping

This time of year, there are literally thousands of packages going across the country as people are scrambling to send each other gifts as Christmas approaches. What you may not be thinking about is where to secure shipping boxes at, as this small detail can often go overlooked until you absolutely need it. Being prepared and knowing what resources are available to you this time of year are critically important to making sure your loved ones get those special packages they are expecting. This article provides some insight into ways you can prepare in the weeks leading up to Christmas for the shipping madness.

First, start collecting boxes now! Usually when a package comes in the mail, our first instinct is to open it, take out the contents, and break the box down (If you’re good, maybe even recycle it?). However, reusing packages can save you a lot of time as you prepare for Christmas. There are usually a good amount of gifts that need some sort of package to be put in, so be creative. One way to mix things up even more is to hide smaller items in bigger boxes. This idea works really well for younger kids who get all excited about the big box! You also will be helping the environment and saving on having to just toss the boxes you get in the recycling.

Another idea is to use the bags or boxes that the store you buy the gift from, places them in. Sometimes people enjoy seeing a gift bag from a certain store, especially if they have requested something from that shop.  Lots of stores change their bags for the holidays as well, and these bags will look extra festive under your tree! Different stores actually take a lot of pride in how their products are placed in a bag, so the presentation will be on point as well. When it comes to unwrapping a gift, you want the whole experience to be great! Plus, you will save time from having to go out and find other boxes to put those gifts into.

Another idea is to create your own boxes out of random items in your cupboard or in your house. Place some toys in a donut box, or place a new video game in a cereal box and put it under the tree. People will be even more curious, and plus, their expectations will totally be thrown off! This idea again works great with kids, as they can only see the literal box.

The most important thing to remember during this time is to be creative when it comes to hunting and gathering your shipping boxes and gift boxes at Christmas. You want the perfect blend of festive and creativity and even a little bit of surprise.