Shipping and E-commerce

Shipping things across the nation goes back quite a bit in time. Images of postmen on horses in the early American west may spring to mind. Runners with messages back in Greece may also creep into your thoughts. But how is it that we’ve little to no recollection of parcels being taken from one far off land to another? Why is it always mail and written letters that we think of crossing continents?

The biggest reason is likely just that: continents are made of land. Traveling on land was much harder back in the day and took much more time for fewer, smaller items. Yet when you think of shipping overseas, the namesake of the word is the first thing you focus on: ships. Crossing bodies of water on huge vessels laden with packages, goods, parcels, and people was no problem and took little energy thanks to sails.

So, now that we have planes (“airships”), trains, and trucks, the process is just as reliable, quick, and efficient as ships were back in the day, if not more so. Our goods, toys, books, technology, clothes, and whatever else we order off the internet arrive safe and sound on our doorsteps in shipping boxes made to withstand long bouts of travel. We can easily pay for our things online thanks to credit cards and the internet. And what we see online is what ends up arriving at our houses, just as promised. It’s kind of amazing, really.

So, it comes as no surprise that the most abundant new businesses popping up in the last few years revolves around shipping things to people who order something on an online catalogue. This is called e-commerce, and it’s wildly popular for entrepreneurs looking to carve their niche in a budding industry. So long as you think of a product that’s specific enough to capture a wide audience’s attention and convince them they need it, especially from your company, you’ll have a decent chance of succeeding.

Whether or not you’re one of these entrepreneurs taking advantage of online goods sales, you’ve definitely been affected by the arising culture. Almost everyone has accounts saved on some website online, because purchasing something off the internet and having it sent to your house is just so much easier than going to a store to find what it is you’re looking for. You save time, energy, and gas by simply clicking a button on your computer at home and waiting for your items to arrive in shipping boxes. It’s simple as that.


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