An Insight Into The Types Of Cheap Moving Boxes

Cheap Moving Boxes are a choice for many when it comes to relocating lightweight goods. The boxes are super light, foldable and can fit in small to medium-sized goods. They are mostly made of cardboard and can last a few cycles of relocation. People wonder about the differences involved in Cheap Moving Boxes and the expensive ones. The difference lies in the quality of materials used for manufacturing moving boxes.

Usually, the widely-known brands are the expensive ones which come with certain inbuilt features. Companies like U-Haul are known for making strong and reliable moving boxes that are expensive. The companies have huge networks spread across demographics selling tons of moving boxes at countless retail stores.

The interesting thing is people are investing in expensive boxes so that they don’t have to visit the store repeatedly which they do when they buy cheap boxes. The companies not only focus on delivering high-quality products but also provide an efficient customer service platform that provides resolution in a record time. They also provide suggestion boxes and welcome ideas and feedback from customers.

Opting for expensive moving boxes is a good idea when relocating a valuable product. This way the product stays secured during transit. Longevity is a major plus point for expensive moving boxes which can last literally up to years and countless relocation cycles. According to experts, people who use cheap boxes for relocation should reconsider the fact that they cannot handle high tensile strength and can easily snap damaging expensive goods. Some of the companies provide 100% buy-back option for any unused boxes provided the customer produces the receipt during a claim. These companies also provide other accessories required during packing such as duct tapes and durable bags at an affordable rate.

There are many categories of moving boxes that are used for different purposes and are designed to handle different genre of goods. Let us elaborate on the types of boxes used across the world.

The first type is the majorly used Hanging wardrobe boxes available in different sizes. These boxes have a metal bar which gives them the look of a wardrobe. This type of box is best suited for items that cannot be packed flat. Though they have certain advantages, they weigh a lot and take up a lot of space. People use the hanging wardrobe boxes to relocate beautiful and delicate chandeliers and wind chimes.

The next category is the Mirror Boxes which lives up to its name. These boxes can be connected to manage a longer fit. The fitting is crucial and needs to be secured with duct tape so that it can handle pressure generated by the content during transit. These boxes are perfect for transporting mirrors, framed pictures, etc. For framed items, it is recommended that the item is wrapped by bubble sheet for extra protection.

Dish packs, as the name suggests, are recommended for packing cups, glasses, and bottles. The boxes are not to be overpacked which can lead to broken items.

Lastly, Mattress boxes are recommended to prevent the mattresses from getting punctures or soaking moisture if stored in a cool and damps place. The sizes vary from twin-sharing mattresses to king-size mattresses. Though these boxes come in handy, a normal mover will pack the mattresses with layers of sheets which normally does the work.


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